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 Vampire Kisses

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Data de inscriere : 27/08/2010

MesajSubiect: Vampire Kisses   Dum Aug 29, 2010 3:04 am

The book starts out with Raven talking about her past, including the
bold declaration in kindergarten that she wanted to become a vampire.
The other kids thought she was weird for this, but she didn't care,
really. She met her only real friend, Becky Miller,
in third grade, and since Raven was the only one who didn't bully her
and they were both outcasts of sorts, they got along well. She also made
an enemy, Trevor Mitchell, and they fought constantly.
In the present, it's Raven's sixteenth birthday, but it begins no
differently than any other day: her little brother Billy, a.k.a Nerd
Boy, yelled at her to get up, and she put on her clothes and makeup, all
black. She gets a pearl necklace from her family, but doesn't really
like it. Becky arrives with two gifts, both of which Raven loves: a
black leather choker with a pewter bat charm on it, and news of a new
family, the Sterlings, moving into the mansion on Benson Hill.
At school, Trevor annoys Raven like he does every day, and they have
the same old verbal swordfight, with no real winner. He asks what she'll
do to make her sweet sixteen memorable, and she answers that she'll
crash Matt Wells, Trevor's sidekick's, party that night. Becky whines,
but Raven isn't too worried. Now she tells us about the mansion and
flashes back to when she was twelve. She was around the mansion when she
saw a boy named Jack having to go inside on a dare to win friends. She
goes in with him and helps him with the dare, giving him her necklace,
which looked very old. It was the only time, up to that point; she got
to go inside because police started watching it after that dare.
At the party, Becky is clingy at first, but goes with Matt when he
greets them. A lot of the kids there are glaring at Raven, but it
doesn't bother her. A drunk Trevor finds her looking through CDs, kisses
her full on the mouth, and takes her outside to a tree. Raven coax him
somewhere more private and continue making out. She wondered if he
actually liked her, but dispelled that thought quickly. She got him
stripped naked, making him think they were going to do it, but steals
all of his clothes and leaves the party with Becky.
Heading home now, Raven fills Becky in on what she did. They almost
hit a boy with pale white skin and black clothes. When Raven goes for a
look, all she finds is a dented paint can and spilled paint. The story
of Naked Trevor spreads quickly, and many versions are created, but only
3 people know the real story. She gives his clothes back one by one, in
a public and humiliating matter: putting them on her locker, ending
with the undies hot glued to the locker door.
Halloween comes around, Raven chooses to be a tennis player, complete
with an expensive racket loaned from her dad. At school, people think
she's a new kid, not recognizing her, but Trevor loves her new look.
When she goes out trick or treating, she goes to the mansion, like many
other people. The butler, Creepy Man, ran out of candy, so she gives him
some candy and a spider ring. Trevor comes, annoys her for a bit, and
tries to vandalize the house, Gothic Guy, the boy Raven almost hit the
night of the party, comes out. She gets scared and runs away, leaving
the racket and Trevor behind.
Creepy Man comes to the school, trying to find Raven and return the
racket, but she doesn't try to claim it. Because she doesn’t, she has to
get a job at Armstrong Travel Agency with Ruby and Janice. While there,
Creepy Man comes and books tickets for Mr. and Mrs. Sterling to
Romania. He also talks about Gothic Guy -who's apparently 17- for a bit.
After earning the money and quitting, she finds out Trevor had the
racket the whole time. They get into full-out verbal war, with Raven
winning by accusing him of being in love with her.
Raven began to see Gothic Guy around town, and decided to break into
their house to find out if they're vampires like the rumor says. When
she does, she ends up meeting him again, and sees the spider ring she
gave Creepy Man on his finger. Later, she finds an invitation from
Gothic Guy, Alexander, for dinner the night her parents were going to
Vegas. She begs Nerd Boy, now Billy Boy, because Raven had to do
something to let her go, and he does. When she gets there, she is shown
in by Creepy Man, Jameson, and finally meets Alexander formally.
They talked for a while and got to know each other, but she has to
leave at midnight against her will. Trevor asks her to the Snow Ball the
next day, but she says she's going with Alexander. She sets up another
date with him, a picnic in the cemetery, and he shows her his grandma's
monument. They talk more, but the date’s interrupted by Old Jim and his
dog. Their next date was watching Dracula at his house, and they
share their first kiss. He accidentally bites her, but it all ends well
when she asks him to the Snow Ball and he says yes.
She gets Becky to help her see if she's turned into a vampire, but
she hasn't. At the Snow Ball, Alexander and Raven they sit out in the
car, and outside for a bit, then go inside to dance. Trevor interrupts
their fun when he show up and reveals he blackmailed Becky into going to
the dance with him and giving her all the info about Alexander and what
Raven thought he was. Alexander gets mad at Raven, and Raven gets mad
at Becky and Trevor.
Alexander isn't speaking to Raven, and she even visits his
grandmother and admits she loves him. Becky tricks her into thinking
something happened to Alexander and there was a party instead. Everyone
is dressed in black, including Ruby, who has a date with Jameson. She
talks to Alexander again and apologizes, and he shows her his room,
where she sees why he wasn't speaking to her: he was painting a picture
of Raven when she was dressed for the Snow Ball.
As she gets ready to leave, Raven sees Alexander with a cape, slicked
back hair looking like a vampire. She tries to pull his fangs thinking
they are fake but they don't come off and she thinks he super glued
them. Raven finds Ruby's compact that she left and checks her lipstick,
and she looks in the mirror and where Alexander should be, there's
nothing. Finally, she knows the truth, that he really is a vampire. She
doesn't take it too well, and when she goes to find him the next day, he
and Jameson are gone. The only thing Raven finds is a note seeming to
explain : “Because I love you".
Raven then goes back to the front of the house, where she cries next
to the gate. She suddenly notices that a bird landed on the gate, but as
Raven looked at it more, it wasn't a bird, but a bat. "Bats are blind"
thought Raven, but this one seemed to be staring purposely at her. Raven
stares back at the bat with tear stained eyes, and reached for the bat.
"Alexander?" she said. And then the bat flew away.

^ Eu am citit toate cartile pana acum si sincer sunt geniale, cu prima ocazie ar trebui sa le cititi. Merita!!!
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Vampire Kisses

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