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idiot 1

feminin Fecioara Bivol
Mesaje : 164
Data nasterii : 14/09/1997 Data de inscriere : 27/08/2010
Varsta : 21
Localizare : Cluju`

MesajSubiect: Sinopsis   Joi Sept 02, 2010 11:02 pm

While shopping for antiques at a local home, Melinda encounters a spirit of a malicious boy who is terrorizing his family. The boy died after an accident that no one wants to talk about, not even his mother. Everyone blames his former nanny for his death. He particularly haunts his baby sister, for no reason and terrorizes the nannies. One evening, Melinda gets a phonecall from the ghost, who says : 'Who is watching the baby now?'
Sus In jos
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